The Omni Verse, the 7th Central Sun of Illumination and the Milky Way Galaxy, Planet Earth and human consciousness

Judith Kusel


The Omni verse, the infinity of Creation and the Cosmic is in a mass flux now as it is busy reinventing itself and therefore the Milky Way Galaxy is moving back to its original place in the cosmos under the Great 7th Central Sun, and with it too Andromeda.

This is affecting the earth, as part of the solar system within the greater Milky Way Galaxy and its counter galaxy, which is cosmically known as Melchior.

This massive shift is therefore activated certain star portals in the earth, which have lain dormant for billions of years, since the first civilization started on earth.  At that time, everything was 7th dimensional and attuned to the 7th Central Sun, which the Sun of Illumination and therefore hold the Fires of Illumination, and the whole higher Omnipotent Keys and Codes of Illumination, and the higher cosmic consciousness states and super…

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Ashira and The Arcturians ~ A New Time-Spell ~ Channeled by Meredith Murphy


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The Council: Separation ~ Channeled by Ron Head

I am feeling this to be perhaps the Best writing on abandonment and s err paration I’ve read. Thanks, Ron & Company 🙂


January 9, 2016

the councilThe Council

As you move through this time, we will occasionally address topics that many of you will need to resolve. You are well aware that you seem to live in separation from our dimensions. You certainly are aware that you seem to live in separation from divinity. And there is much to discuss regarding that misconception.

However, at this time we would speak of an issue that is closely related to, and in many ways stems from, that apparent separateness. The subject we will speak of today is abandonment. We will not say that many of you suffer from issues around the feeling of abandonment. We will say that, to some degree, it is an issue for all of you unless you have discovered it and cleared it already.

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11:11 Love is Always Waiting For Us.

*~InfiniDee Healing Arts~*

11:11  11/11/2015

Love Is Ever Waiting For Us: What is 11:11, and all this talk of portals, gateways and upgrades and stuff??? Well, as we are all vibrating at our own rate. Well here is a somewhat simplified explanation, from my own experience and understanding. (Which is always growing!) On these powerfully energetic dates, we collectively are infused with light energy (Love from our Creator Source) which comes from the Source (God), shining to us from the center of our Galaxy, and to us, a remote planet on the outskirts of the Milky Way Galaxy, through centralized SUN conduits. We then receive it directly from our Sun, as well as other loving sources (but that topic is for another time). This Source also already exists withIN us, in our hearts. (That inner-outer connection in our hearts is where the infinity symbols meet). When we absorb and allow this light energy…

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Eliza: What Day is it?

Lately, I have also had unusual restlessness of mind, with unusually low attention span for my normally in-depth focusing mind…Patience during these integrations, Dear Ones!

Blue Dragon Journal


Journal Entry: “What Day is it?”

Good thing that I’m having a long weekend due to the Labor Day holiday, as I have spent most of it sleeping. Obviously, I am going through another intense shift in frequency and need to do when unconscious!

I was watching a video from Michelle Walling of In5D where she is addressing various shift in frequency “symptoms” and was comparing it to what I have experienced recently and also what I’ve observed in other people, mostly co-workers. (To watch Michelle’s video, go to:

For me, the symptoms of various upgrades have manifested or are manifesting as fatigue, deep bone-tired fatigue, where all I can think about is getting my poor body into bed and sleeping. Then when I get there, I lie awake for an hour or more. Yesterday I took a “nap” which ended up being 4.5 hours long! It took…

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Stellarization comes with increasing accelerations of consciousness openings


gaia_energy1Stellarization comes with increasing accelerations of consciousness openings.

Hue-Beings are particularly affected with these and will lead to openings in all of hu-manity.

Force-nestings are common at this time.

Encounterings on Higher Dimensions are the norm.

Fetterings are released as hu-manity recognizes links of bondage.

Sparkles of “Golden Age” return to Gaia.

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Merged as One

The New Divine Humanity


Sacred bliss and ecstasy, my Beloved, in your Arms,
living, breathing, dying, eternally, we are One.

Twin Flames in Love, Consort, Counterpart,
all Are simply Words.

What it is you Are, is My Eternal Breath,
My Being and my One and Only ~Forever Love.

The Other ~ Me, My Mirror,
Masculine and Feminine ~ merged as One.

Playing in the game of Duality,
reuniting, merging, remembering, and it is Done.


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!

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