Dearest Ones,

Many blessings fellow energy surfers! I have nearly integrated enough of the bombardment of Light messages & energy surges and downloads unzipping within me in these past years, months and weeks, enough to get this new blog up and running to share this phenomenal increase in energy waves, love-surges! – Being so inspired, I invite you join your light with mine in this loving intention to awaken, activate & share light and love with ourselves and those drawn to it in our lives. Here I am also sharing those blogs with which the inner resonance is STRONG, in terms of love-frequencies that are palpably uplifting, and meditations which are likewise. Energy currents that I have been aware of for many years have markedly increased since a year ago April (beginning of the astrological new year, 2012), and consequently most of the past year has been a “dark night of the soul” or spiritual walk through the wilderness in which I allowed all changes and released all attachments but mere survival in the moment at the lesson’s peak intensity over the December 21, 2012 portal entry point. As lessons , ego-tests cleared, and I began re-anchoring (Ankh-ering) from a different new level of perspective, the downloaded codes within me have begun to emerge into thoughts which may be translated and shared.

One of these gifts is to assist us in identifying our own keys – reminders that we have given ourselves into who we really are,in our divine awareness, and what purpose we have come here to live and create in our lives!  Particularly with our chosen names, birthdates, and avocations. We will explore in this blog such keys, as what is left of time unfolds. But again all these keys once mastered take us straight into our heart’s great wisdom archives, and into a fuller understanding of what we have chosen as our grandest wishes for ourselves in this lifetime.  This is because this IS OUR AUTHENTIC SELF ~* each of us imagining and creating, and allowing the co-creation of our greatest heart’s yearning,and fully all connected as individual expressions of the Source of All Love.  And since we are all one, allowing is a critical aspect of manifesting our dreams, as others who are in resonance with our wishes will be magnetically attracted, and thus will add their own contributions to the manifestation as a shared dream and a shared co-created reality. ~*~*~* How Lovely and how Simple~*~

Last thoughts, from my perspective as an astrologer, focused on ascension through the charts (personalized consults are available), the merkaba – Lion’s Gate Portal, Star of David, Grand Sextile configuration which aligns with the planet Sirius in what’s known as the Planetary New Year has ALL just kicked us UP a notch, into the “fires of pure creativity” on this 8-8 planetary activation date of the infinite expansion. Wheeeeeee!

I AM DNA L’Infinis!
~*~Infinite DNA~*~*
Love & Amplifying Light All!
Deedee Infinidee (Facebook)
Occupy I AM (Facebook group)


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  1. Thank you, Susan! I’ve been a bit of a slow starter getting this up and running, and am myself relieved to be “releasing” the stops and letting it all flow~*~*~So much to share… I’m new with wordpress, also, so there is still a learning curve. Hope you folks will bear with me. ❤

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