The Council: Separation ~ Channeled by Ron Head

I am feeling this to be perhaps the Best writing on abandonment and s err paration I’ve read. Thanks, Ron & Company 🙂


January 9, 2016

the councilThe Council

As you move through this time, we will occasionally address topics that many of you will need to resolve. You are well aware that you seem to live in separation from our dimensions. You certainly are aware that you seem to live in separation from divinity. And there is much to discuss regarding that misconception.

However, at this time we would speak of an issue that is closely related to, and in many ways stems from, that apparent separateness. The subject we will speak of today is abandonment. We will not say that many of you suffer from issues around the feeling of abandonment. We will say that, to some degree, it is an issue for all of you unless you have discovered it and cleared it already.

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