11:11 Love is Always Waiting For Us.

*~InfiniDee Healing Arts~*

11:11  11/11/2015

Love Is Ever Waiting For Us: What is 11:11, and all this talk of portals, gateways and upgrades and stuff??? Well, as we are all vibrating at our own rate. Well here is a somewhat simplified explanation, from my own experience and understanding. (Which is always growing!) On these powerfully energetic dates, we collectively are infused with light energy (Love from our Creator Source) which comes from the Source (God), shining to us from the center of our Galaxy, and to us, a remote planet on the outskirts of the Milky Way Galaxy, through centralized SUN conduits. We then receive it directly from our Sun, as well as other loving sources (but that topic is for another time). This Source also already exists withIN us, in our hearts. (That inner-outer connection in our hearts is where the infinity symbols meet). When we absorb and allow this light energy…

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