Eliza: What Day is it?

Lately, I have also had unusual restlessness of mind, with unusually low attention span for my normally in-depth focusing mind…Patience during these integrations, Dear Ones!

Blue Dragon Journal


Journal Entry: “What Day is it?”

Good thing that I’m having a long weekend due to the Labor Day holiday, as I have spent most of it sleeping. Obviously, I am going through another intense shift in frequency and need to do when unconscious!

I was watching a video from Michelle Walling of In5D where she is addressing various shift in frequency “symptoms” and was comparing it to what I have experienced recently and also what I’ve observed in other people, mostly co-workers. (To watch Michelle’s video, go to: http://cultureofawareness.com/2015/09/07/michelle-walling-migraines-anxiety-dizziness-and-other-intense-energy-shift-symptoms/).

For me, the symptoms of various upgrades have manifested or are manifesting as fatigue, deep bone-tired fatigue, where all I can think about is getting my poor body into bed and sleeping. Then when I get there, I lie awake for an hour or more. Yesterday I took a “nap” which ended up being 4.5 hours long! It took…

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