Higher Self Teaching: On Abundance and Manifestation ~ by Fran Zepeda

Our Emerging Divinity


Received January 30, 2015 from Higher Self, supported by Lakshmi, Lady Nada, and Yeshua:

Abundance is a matter of intention, in full alignment with your soul purpose, and keeping in mind and heart the knowing that all you desire is at your fingertips, that all is present in your immediate Now for the taking. It becomes manifest with your full alignment with your intentions, for the highest good of all. Believing it is so, believing it is possible, is key.

Nothing is impossible. It just requires a sustained living in the energy of the intention — feeling, seeing and abiding by all the elements that make up your desire, as if it is happening now in this moment. You live constantly in that energy and it becomes manifest.

Dear ones, it is not that hard. Take away the restrictions that you cannot have it. Take away the limits you have…

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And what you are, the one next to you is, as well. – The Council

Oracles and Healers

councilThe Council

We would speak with you on this day regarding several concepts that underlay our messages during this time. These will be familiar to many of you. They do, however, bear repeating. And it is also good for those who are aware of these things to remember that each and every day more of those around you are awakening and will need to begin remembering, will need reminding.

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