Duality, Co-Creation, Unconditional Love -Higher Self Message-

Journey of a Spirit

Higher Self Message for 9/28/14


How can YOU view your SELF,

unless there are TWO?

For something to be Observed,

there must be an Observ-er.

This is what we call DUALITY.

There are many vast expressions

of Life.

But there is only ONE Source of Life.

When the Fall of Mankind occured,

people began to see themselves

as seperate from the Source.

They began to forget their OWN divinity.

In turn humanity fell for the distractions

of the MATERIAL world.

Time seemed to have control

over Life itself, but that is false.

So many ILL-USIONS were created.

A veil was placed over your spiritual EYE,

so that you could not remember who

you TRULY are: Spiritual Beings Having

A Human Experience.

It caused a great amount of disharmony

within the Natural Kingdom.

The Source of Life surely created enough

Food, Water, and clean Air for everyone

to live abundantly…

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