Méline Portia Lafont ~ September alignment energies ~ what is important to know as we move through this?

Dear Flow-ers,
I will be writing soon a note on these energy surges, and how the are affecting and activating us in new perceptual ranges, so we can work with them, to start feeling BETTER and quickening healing using them!

And allow the deep sacred trust in ourselves that reveals the mysteries of our lives, why we have experienced what we have, and how this makes sense to prepare us very specifically for the roles which we LoVE! -that we will be taking on in the near future. We are here to do what we came here to do. And that this skill set and inclination is so deeply natural, authentic, and familiar to us is a HINT of what it IS tjat we were “meant to do”- and of course that has been by our own choosing, whether we remember this or not. Blessings, Love and Light, ~ until next time. Ne X t t ime :-)~d*n*a*~


September 10, 2014

Wowza, another big amplifier just stirred our core and the core of Gaia.  Have you noticed how much has been stirring up and happening around you?  The collective drama is being amplified here and it is about being cautious to not be dragged into it.  Pay attention to not be caught up in those dramatical and chaotic unfoldment’s of others, while playing our roles of Ascension gate keepers and light worker ground crew.  Everyone is now responsible for his/her own process of integrating these new cosmic codes and light particles in the best way you can cope with.

Everyone holds his/her own natural consciousness and magnetic vibration that opens new gates when the right frequency is matching each other.  When the current level of your consciousness and that of the collective matches, gateways are opened for the collective. This is whereas you function as a gatekeeper and…

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