Living With An Ascension Portal

iridescent flame

(originally posted June 5th)

For those of you interested in Dragon adventures, this post goes that direction eventually…

After my “Ascension Venturi” experience a couple nights ago, I had to take a night off. Even this night off, I was still buzzing with energy when I went to bed, and I could feel the portal energies running. But I had a good night’s sleep and felt much better the next day.

Now it was time to try it again and see if it would be different than the overwhelming and runaway feeling I had before.

My party of spiritual supporters were literally waiting for me in the hot tub as I entered. Maybe that is a benefit of creating a portal in a hot tub…

I did my normal grounding and energetic sync with the Violet Flame, Golden Flame, Blue Flame, Silver and Platinum Flames, and then activated…

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