Ascension Venturi

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iridescent flame

(originally posted June 3rd)

After my Dragon birth, transformation, and vision activation described in my previous blog post, I thought I was done for the night. It was exhilarating and all, and I loved the experience, but I was planning on just resting and staring at the starry sky last night.

Gaia, sitting the tub with me, reminded me that I hadn’t done my planetary wide Iridescent Flame cleansing yet, which I was embarrassed to admit I had forgotten to do. Happily, with my Crystal Heart always connected to Gaia’s Crystal Core, it is super easy to just tap into that connection and start amplifying. The energy was humming along and I was envisioning and invoking the Iridescent Flame in all beings on and in Gaia, through all portals, in all ships, all the way to source and back. I LOVE doing this and it feels so good to do.

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