Falling Stars light the path for Newer Establishments

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eireport_logo_thumb_1 Falling Stars light the path for Newer Establishments.

Foundations of Higher Vibrational Density now being created will support the New Gaia Paradigm.

Alternative pathways have diminished as result of much elevated Human Consciousness, even since our last message.

Far-reaching actions in Mind, Heart, and Body of Gaia politic are now underway.

The moment to be recalled is Now… and none other…

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Sandra Walter – Dynamics Of The Cosmic Christ Return – 4 April 2014

Lucas 2012 Infos

SandraWalter Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Can you feel the freedom, the expansion, the LIGHTness of being here as the Solar Cosmic Christ returns? This light wave will be fully anchored by the eclipse on April 14th.

April holds challenging energies; an opportunity for divine Mastery indeed. The great Cosmic Christ Light pouring in since the Equinox amplifies our experiences and our Ascension process. It not only activates Heart centers for Christed states of consciousness, it activates a long-awaited prophesy of our Divine HUman birthright.

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Welcome to my new blog, Our Emerging Divinity, Awakening to the Divine Within

Our Emerging Divinity


Hello and Welcome to my new blogOur Emerging Divinity, Awakening to the Divine Within. While I still maintain my other blog  franheal and my Website A Healing Place, where I post my channeled messages,  I was urged by my guides around the March Equinox 2014 to start this new blog to create a new forum to reflect  and highlight where we are Now in our DivineEmergence and to further assist in the changes we are all going through in our journey to embrace our True Selves/Divine Essence, and embodiment of Christ Light Consciousness.

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